Our mission is to communicate your brand’s mission, by producing web videos that are informed by the power of documentary storytelling.

Video Production Work

Some of our clients:


We provide complete video production services from initial concept through to final delivery.

What we offer

We’re a full service production company and can handle every aspect of project development, execution and delivery.

Typical projects for us include:

Short-form documentary-style “branded content”
Long form promotional documentaries
Product launch videos
Kickstarter videos
“About Us” videos
Fundraising films

Our process can be broken down into four stages: development, pre-production, production and post-production.

  • Whether you have a clear idea of the sort of video you want or not, we’ll work with you to develop a concept that will deliver against your goals
  • We’ll work with your budget to develop an approach that gives you the most bang for your buck
  • We’ll challenge your preconceptions to make sure we produce work that connects with your audience and communicates your message effectively

Pre-pro is the time to get everything set for production.

  • We’ll assemble the necessary crew and cast
  • If we’re conducting interviews, we’ll develop discussion guides and question lists
  • We’ll scout locations and obtain the necessary permits
  • We’ll schedule the the shoot and make sure everyone involved knows where they need to be and when

We assemble a comprehensive, experienced crew, staffed to suit the requirements of your project. Often that will include:

  • Director
  • Director of Photography and Camera Operators
  • Audio Mixer
  • Production Assistants and Grips
  • Hair, Make-up, Wardrobe and Styling

This is where the magic happens, and we provide a full-range of cinematic post-production services, including:

  • Story editing
  • Audio post-production
  • Color grading
  • Music supervision
  • Title design and motion graphics as needed
  • Final delivery of your video assets

Los Angeles, CA

+1 (213) 259 6732

Long Haul Films was founded by Director Melissa Dowler and Director of Photography Tom Dowler to make uplifting and authentic videos, about diverse and interesting people, that inspire audiences to think differently about the world.

Melissa Dowler


My focus is to push forward diverse voices in film; explore how innovation and creativity are changing our world; and find the extraordinary in the stories of ordinary people and places all around us.

Tom Dowler

Director of Photography

I spend my time in search of perfect images that tell transporting stories, and love to collaborate with entrepreneurs, innovators and artists.