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Mahi Gold 2014 by Long Haul Films

We make films for

dream chasers,

love makers,

empire builders

and explorers of new horizons

Shruti & Rishi - a New England Indian wedding film by Long Haul Films

Our wedding films make you say:


I never knew

a wedding film

could be like that

Heirloom Kitchen Web Commercial by Long Haul Films

Our clients are



and creators

who are changing the face of their industries

Durius Melius Velocius Fortius

Our motto is Latin for

Harder Better Faster Stronger

and it sums up how we approach every single day

and every single project

(and how much we like Daft Punk. And Latin)

Commercial Film Production

Commercial Films

Our clients include startups, tech companies, fashion labels, restaurants, authors and musicians.

Some are big, others are not so big- but they're all doing something cool.

Check out some of the ways we’ve helped other brands tell their stories. You’ll probably have a bunch of questions, and we’re ready and waiting with the answers.

Weddings and live events

Wedding Films

Our mission is to redefine what makes a great wedding film.

We see every wedding as a work of art, and our clients as good friends who have given us the privilege of telling the story of the best day of their lives.

That process begins here and now, once you click through and watch some of our work. As soon as you’re ready, come and say hello. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

About Long Haul Films

About Long Haul Films

We are creators and adventurers. We embrace change. We travel the world.

We believe that film is the truth, with the power to change the world, move minds and inspire greatness.

Of course, all of the above makes us seem really intense. We're actually pretty fun. Come on over and meet Team Long Haul.

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