We help interesting people and innovative brands express their values through transformative and inspiring films

It’s called branded content

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We also make promotional films, and we love working with makers, disruptors, innovators and artists

We believe in big, crazy love, and sometimes we make films about the best days of people’s lives


Our motto is Latin for “harder, better, faster, stronger”

That sums us up pretty well

This is us


Melissa Dowler

Founder & Global Creative Director

I’ve always been driven to document the things that give life meaning. Working in advertising made me search for deeper connection. Becoming a filmmaker made me someone who sees the world with wonder.


Tom Dowler

Founder & Head of Production

I’m a camera gear junkie and the original Adobe Premiere hipster (I thought it was cool in the 90s). In my free time I like correcting Americans’ English usage, being disappointed by football teams and drinking tea.


Chris Ewens

Founder – Long Haul Films UK

At Long Haul Films UK. I produce, shoot, edit and just about everything in-between. When I’m not running LHF UK, you’ll probably find me shouting nervously at Chelsea FC or obsessively cleaning everything around me.


Lucy Ewens

Founder – Long Haul Films UK

Having spent the last few years working for one of the world’s biggest TV studios, you’re now likely to find me either chatting and planning with our clients or doing contortions to get a superlative shot.


Megan Lovallo

Cinematographer & Editor

Film is what makes me feel the most and laugh the hardest. It pushes me to strive for connection and makes me contemplate existence. Most importantly though, film also gave me Bill Murray, so I’m eternally grateful for that.


Mia Malchow

Associate Cinematographer & Editor

I’ve always had a passion for film, but I found my place behind the camera rather than in front. As soon as the rest of the team found this out, they made my life miserable by putting me in front of cameras every chance they get.


Lindsey Davis

Associate Studio Manager

I chose filmmaking as a way to connect with people and share incredible stories of things most people overlook. At Long Haul Films, I’m the wearer of many hats… which is super fabulous because I look really good in hats.


Rachel McKenna

Associate Editor & Cinematographer

I’ve always been a story-teller, and making films to tell those stories has been my passion since I used to script out heart-wrenching dramas with my Barbies in 5th grade. I love history, beautiful imagery, hobbits, and Elvis Presley.


Brandon Morris

Associate Cinematographer

I am into anything involving the sun and laying in it, and I know any Star Trek trivia someone may want to throw my way. Live long and prosper, bitches.


Angell Dowler

Chief Pup & Head of Sleeping

Angell qualifies as part of the team. Except he doesn’t do any work, the lazy bastard. 10 pounds of pure terror, this indefatigable Yorkshire Terrier can be found most days asleep on the sofa, or incessantly chasing (yet never quite catching) his little blue ball.

We have offices in the US and the UK, making us uniquely positioned to tackle projects from all over the world. Score!

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We have offices in the US and the UK, making us uniquely positioned to tackle projects from all over the world. Score!