29 Sep 2021
Video production reel scenes

Long Haul Films Video Production Reel: A call for inspired collaboration

There’s a saying I heard from another production company, for when you’re deciding what projects to work on. “Some are for the meal, and some are for the reel”. As in, some projects you take for the paycheck, others you take for the creative opportunity.

I worked in advertising for a stretch, and found myself burned out from helping people I didn’t resonate with sell products I didn’t believe in. When I left that industry to start Long Haul Films more than ten years ago, I promised myself I’d collaborate with people who were creating something I believed in, and whose missions lit me up. More than anything, I wanted to feel proud of the work I created. I wanted it all to feel like it was “for the reel”.

As we chose highlights to include in our latest showcase, I circled back to that promise. After doing this work for more than a decade, I am drawn more than ever to be of service to those who are driven by a deeper purpose. Consider this reel a call to those dreamers, guides, teachers, founders, community builders, activists, artists. For the ones forging new paths, Long Haul Films is here to help you tell your story.

Ready for an inspired creative collaboration? Dreaming of creating video content that connects you and your mission with the audiences who matter? Want to engage in a process that feels fun and playful, with people who share your values and match your energy? Email melissa@longhaulfilms.com and let’s talk.