05 Apr 2019

Sharing Long Haul Films’ values in the age of #metoo

Last year, we decided to create a statement of core values that could be shared with free lance crew members and new clients.

This felt like an important thing to do in the age of #metoo. I’m a woman who runs a company and directs movies. I believe in the importance of telling stories that reflect diverse viewpoints and I understand that to do that, the team working with me behind the camera must also reflect different world views. But I came to realize that not everyone feels the same way, and that a lot of people are used to working on male-dominated sets where “acceptable behaviors” are very different from what I expect from my team.

So we decided to create a written set of values, to be clear about what our production company believes, and what it’s like to work with us. That way there’s no misunderstandings, and if someone doesn’t feel comfortable with it, they have the option to say so.

As we try to figure out what we can do to create the change we want to see in the film industry, developing and sharing a set of values like these is a small but significant action that production companies can take.

I share ours here, and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Long Haul Films Core Values

We’re committed to creating a positive and safe working environment where everyone feels comfortable and respected. Below are the values that guide us. By signing this Freelancer Agreement, you agree to understand, reflect and uphold these values when you work with us.

  • We have a mission to empower more women to work behind the camera. To that end, we aim to bring together gender-balanced and majority-female/female-identifying crews for our projects. We have women in multiple leadership positions and we support and celebrate them. If you’re a male/male-identifying crew member working with us, we ask you to join us in that support and celebration.
  • We live and work in a diverse world and aim to reflect that diversity behind and in front of the camera. Beyond gender, we are conscious to bring together perspectives from people who reflect different races and ethnicities; age ranges; different abilities and life experiences. We believe that we create better, more meaningful work when we are calling upon and reflecting the widest possible assortment of world views. Beyond that, we respect and celebrate each other’s differences through our words and actions.
  • We start from the mindset that any problem can be overcome. Film and video production is an inherently challenging occupation. We expect to encounter problems throughout the production process, especially as we seek to achieve ambitious goals. We ask everyone who works with us to move quickly from identifying a problem to finding a solution.
  • We don’t tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, dirty jokes, sexual innuendo, sexual harassment, inappropriate touching, violent words or violent acts, behavior that demeans or undermines.
  • We are big fans of high fives, encouraging smiles, clear and concise feedback, healthy snacks, taking a moment to meditate, cool ways to keep your mind, body and spirit connected.
  • We commit to being present on every shoot so we can bring our full creative and strategic selves to every project. To that end, keep your phone use to a minimum and only when urgently needed.
  • We encourage and love posting behind the scenes stuff on social media, but our clients don’t always feel the same way so please check before you Instagram or Tweet.
  • We practice gratitude: for each other, for our clients and for the opportunity to do the work that we love.
  • We appreciate feedback, so let us know what questions or comments you have on the above and we’d love to hear any suggestions for how we can make working with Long Haul Films the best possible experience.
We have a mission to empower more women to work behind the camera