12 Jul 2023

10 expert tips for creating a standout fashion video

This spring, Long Haul Films collaborated with Southern California fashion brand Dalix on a brand video, and it got us thinking about what goes into creating video content for fashion brands that catches the eye and connects with the audience.

These are our top ten tips for creating a standout fashion video:

  1. Conceptualize: Define the purpose and message of your fashion video. Determine the style, mood, and overall aesthetic you want to convey. In the case of our collaboration with Dalix, we wanted to create a video that conveyed the brands Southern California roots, along with its positive and playful attitude.
  2. Plan your storyboard: It can be tempting to think that a fashion video can be shot on the fly, but creating a storyboard or shot list to outline the sequence of scenes and shots you want to capture really helps to make sure you stay organized during filming, and capture a variety of scenes and shots.
  3. Choose the right location: Select a visually appealing location that complements your fashion theme or showcases your garments effectively. Consider factors such as lighting, background, and ambiance. For our collaboration with Dalix, we were looking for backdrops that said “Los Angeles” so we sought out palm trees, skyline views, and colorful cityscapes.
  4. Gather your team: Collaborate with a skilled team and make sure everyone is aligned with the concept and vision for the video. One of our essentials for a successful fashion video is a Hair and Makeup artist to make sure the models look their best throughout the day, especially when you’re changing up looks, and shooting outside in changing weather, as we did with this video for Dalix.
  5. Create a compelling narrative: Develop a storyline or visual narrative that engages viewers. This could involve showcasing the versatility of your clothing, telling a story through fashion, or highlighting a specific fashion trend.
  6. Focus on cinematography: Pay attention to composition, lighting, and camera movement. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to capture visually stunning shots. And if you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous light like we do in Southern California, learn how to play with it for maximum impact. Hint hint, backlighting is your best friend!
  7. Incorporate music and sound design: Choose background music that complements the mood and style of your fashion video. We spent a lot of time in advance of the shoot creating a short list of music that we thought could work, knowing how important the song will be in a video that doesn’t have dialogue. It’s helpful to know what song you’re using before you get into the editing process, so you can let the music set the pace of your video.
  8. Showcase the fashion: Ensure that the clothing and accessories are prominently featured in the video. Capture close-ups, detailed shots, and dynamic movements that highlight the unique elements of your fashion pieces.
  9. Edit and post-production: Use video editing software to refine your footage, add transitions, color correction, and any necessary visual effects; for example, in our video with Dalix we added some “film burn” effects to create a vintage feel for some of the shots. Pay attention to pacing and ensure the final video flows smoothly, and that the visuals and music work together in harmony.
  10. Promote and share: We always emphasize with our clients how important it is to have a strategy for attracting eyes on your video when it’s released. Once your fashion video is complete, share it on relevant platforms such as your website, social media channels, and fashion communities. Use effective captions, hashtags, and descriptions to maximize reach and engagement.

Check out our video with Dalix to see how we put these ten tips into practice!