03 May 2023

Bright, airy creative space for photo and video shoots in Los Angeles- welcome to Be Here Now

We’re excited to formally introduce our new photo shoot studio in Los Angeles and video production studio in Los Angeles. We’ve named it Be Here Now, and it’s a flexible, colorful, airy, and light-filled space for video content creation, head shot photo shoots, web video production, wardrobe fitting, production meetings, events, and more.

We’ve named it Be Here Now Creative Studio, and we hope it inspires creative people to feel fully present and supported to do great work in the space.

Our video production company has rented out studio spaces in cities around the world for our own shoots, so we took everything we’ve learned along the way as creative inspiration for Be Here Now. A few things that were important for us to offer:

  • Especially since the pandemic, green screen shoots has become more prevalent. We offer a green screen for video shoots, along with white and black screens to use for both photo and video backdrops.
  • Basic gear to help make your production run smoothly. This includes lighting, sandbags, and furniture blankets. We’d like to save you time and money when you book with Be Here Now, so we offer these basics as part of your booking, and we can provide you with more complex equipment including 4k+ digital video cameras, lenses, grip, and audio equipment to support your productions.
  • For photographers and video directors working on a budget, having access to props that bring the shoot to life is important. At Be Here Now, we have lots of colorful, fun, and creative props and backdrops that can be used in shoots. This includes plants and greenery, interesting books, vases and sculptures, throw pillows, vintage items, old cameras, and many more items.
  • When you’re creating content to use on the web, you don’t want to worry about getting anything in the background that could be a copyright issue. That’s why the major pieces of art on our walls are cleared for use in your photos and videos.
We have green, white, and black screens available for free with every booking
We’ve got so many cool backdrops and props for your use at the studio!

We also chose this space because of its amazing location on the border between Highland Park and Eagle Rock in Northeast Los Angeles. The studio is on a quiet side street with free neighborhood parking, but it’s just steps away from bustling York Blvd, and accessible to so many popular restaurants, bars, stores, and venues. This makes Be Here Now a great location to host a meeting, community gathering, class, or seminar.

Be Here Now is an ideal spot for events, classes, and community gatherings too!

We’re booking Be Here Now for Los Angeles photo shoots, Los Angeles video shoots, and other events. You can book us on Peerspace or directly through our website for the best available deals! And follow us on Instagram to hear about events and happenings taking place at the studio.