11 Mar 2020

Going Deeper: a free ebook for mission-driven marketers who want to create more impactful video content

We wrote a book!

Going Deeper is for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how to craft engaging, truly entertaining videos that will catch people’s attention and communicate something meaningful about their product or service. This is a guide for marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, social media users and others who know that video needs to be a core part of their marketing mix.

Why did we write a book?

For almost a decade, we’ve been creating video content for clients like Thomson Reuters, Techstars, Siemens, UPPAbaby and many others. When clients work with us over a long period of time, they understand the process, and that results in more effective collaborations. So we thought to ourselves: what if we could make it quick and easy for marketers and business owners to learn about the video production process, so they can feel empowered as they work with their video production team, even on a first-time collaboration? 

Who should read it?

Our aim with Going Deeper is to give anyone creating video content a better understanding of how the production process works, why it works that way, and what you can do as the client to ensure success. While every production company works slightly differently, once you’ve read this book, you’ll come to the relationship with your production partner feeling more educated, capable and prepared to collaborate on great work.

This book is the perfect resource for anyone embarking on creating videos for the first time, and it’s an awesome refresher if you’ve commissioned videos before and want to know how to make something even better next time around.

The book is called Going Deeper because compelling video content can do just that for a brand: it allows you to foster a more profound connection with your audience, based on what you actually stand for and care about, versus simply promoting the product you’re trying to sell. 

Where can I get a copy of Going Deeper?
You can download it here for free, and read it on your favorite device. And once you’ve read it, we’d love to know what you think. Email info@longhaulfilms.com with your feedback and questions about the book.