23 Mar 2023

UPPAbaby JADE Rabbit launch video | Los Angeles brand video production

Our most recent collaboration on video content with long-time client UPPAbaby was for a video to support the launch of their JADE Rabbit stroller, to commemorate the Chinese New Year, and 2023– the year of the rabbit.

This special edition stroller launched in the US, Taiwan, and China– which meant we needed a concept that could both reflect– and work in– those diverse markets.

The inspiration for the brand video for JADE Rabbit’s launch was the actual story of the JADE Rabbit, a Chinese proverb that has been passed down for generations. This led to a creative concept about the role of storytelling, and how it serves as a point of connection for families across generations, as well as across the miles. This thread of storytelling came to life with the idea of a Grandmother, based in China, who is sharing a favorite family story with her grandchildren– one of whom is with her in China, and the others who are across the world and tuning in via video conference.

The concept allowed us to reflect the reality of today’s families, who are often spread apart geographically and rely on technology to stay connected. And it also showed that, no matter where you are in the world, parents experience many of the same moments of connection with their children.

We had a tight timeline for pre-production on this video, with our video production team handling creative development, location scouting and permitting, casting, production design, and other visual and logistical elements for the shoot.

We were so lucky to find such talented cast and some great locations to film in here in Los Angeles- with special plaudits to actress Ping Liu who portrayed the Grandmother, and delivered the heartfelt voiceover reading of the beloved family story.

You can also take a look at a behind the scenes video, showing what it took to bring this story to life, and featuring key members from the UPPAbaby team, and our own director and co-founder Melissa Dowler.