18 Jun 2019
Behind the scenes photo- Blue Suede

Behind the scenes from the set of ‘Blue Suede’- Los Angeles music video for Lovsky

Creativity is our word of 2019 and nothing is more creative than making a music video. That’s why we decided to hold a competition this year and choose one artist to work with FOR FREE on a music video.

We received some incredible submissions, and the decision wan’t easy. We chose to work with Lovsky for a few reasons. First of all, we resonated with the song. I was humming Blue Suede within seconds of hearing it, and we loved the sound of Lovsky’s voice on the track. It reminded us of our favorite soulful female singer songwriters, like Amy Winehouse or Joss Stone.

Then, we met Lovsky in person and it was like talking with an old friend. We felt inspired by her approach to her career and how seriously she takes herself as an artist and creator. Beyond that, we bonded over our shared love for the 90s and the chance to revisit that decade for our collaboration (more on our creative inspiration here).

So after a long winter of California rain, we shot Blue Suede on location in Northeast Los Angeles on two brilliantly sunny days in April and it felt like magic. Check out some beautiful behind the scenes photos from the shoot, and if you haven’t see it yet, go check out the video.

All photos by: Juanita Hong

Filming at Cindy’s Eagle Rock, an iconic diner that made the perfect backdrop for the opening scene of Blue Suede.
We spent weeks searching for the perfect blue vintage car, and it was worth the wait to find this beautiful baby.
When you see their on-screen chemistry, you won’t be surprised to find out that Lovsky and Chase are a real-life couple and that Blue Suede was inspired by their relationship.
A cameo appearance from a friend of ours, the actress Vada Ashley, as “The Flirty Waitress”
Our #1 dream for this video was a scene in a video store (what could be more 90s?) and we found the amazing Alex Video in Highland Park just a few minutes from home.
Dream # 2 was filming at a skate park- think Tom Petty’s Free Falling.
Thanks to our skateboarders for pulling out all the stops for our sunrise shoot in Los Angeles.
Our final set-up of the shoot was set in a DTLA loft- this scene represented the sweet, dreamy feeling of possibility in the song.