29 Apr 2020

If you want to uplevel your videos, editing is key – learn how today

One thing that has really inspired us during the COVID lockdown has been how people have shared their experience, insight and talents online. From DJ sets by Questlove and D-Nice to webinars from award-winning filmmakers to Ryan Heffington’s Instagram-live dance classes/parties, we’ve been really enjoying all of the amazing content that has come out of this period.

We decided to get in on the action by putting together a new video course called Editing Video with Adobe Premiere Pro: A Beginner’s Guide and we launched it this past week.

Video makes a lot of sense for many small businesses – people are home right now, eager for content to consume, and connecting with customers IRL has never been harder.

Video is crazy effective:

  • social video generates 1,200% more shares than an image and text
  • the word video in a subject line of an email boosts open rates by 19%
  • 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

And that was before COVID….

We don’t just make videos for other people – sometimes we make videos to promote ourselves too.

Most people nowadays are pretty comfortable shooting video – with their phones, with mirrorless or DSLR cameras – and more than ever, people are creating content to promote their brands or small businesses.

But editing that video into something you’d want to put out there on social media for the whole world to see? That’s less intuitive.

And what better time to learn a new skill that could help your brand both during this period and once things go “back to normal.”

This video course is designed to give you a complete foundational grounding in video editing. We decided to make it platform specific, focusing on Adobe Premiere Pro so we could give some real concrete instruction that you can take away and start applying to your own projects straight away.

Here’s the first module:

The course is 13-modules and clocks in at almost 5 hours long, covering everything from:

  • understanding how non-linear editing works
  • setting up the workspace within Premiere Pro
  • creating a new project
  • importing footage
  • organizing the project bin
  • creating sequences
  • previewing material in the source monitor
  • adding clips to the sequence
  • syncing and working with multi-cam
  • merging clips
  • manipulating clips on the timeline
  • changing opacity, scale and position
  • keyframes
  • manging audio levels
  • transitions, video effects and audio effects
  • color correction and color grading
  • audio mastering
  • titling
  • exporting your finished video

Once you’re finished you’ll be fully equipped to edit your own videos complete with

  • lower thirds and titles
  • fully mixed audio including a music bed
  • matched color correction and an overall “look”
  • closed captions
  • transitions and advanced effects

You can either rent the course for a week for $75, or buy it outright for lifetime access for $150. But for blog readers we have a special 10% discount – just use the coupon code “going-deeper” at checkout. It’s available worldwide through Vimeo and they do the currency conversion to your local currency.

If you’ve always wondered about video editing and have some extra time on your hands right now, we hope you’ll check out the course and start your journey towards becoming a master editor.