14 May 2021
Hailey Bieber for bareMinerals with Eventique and Long Haul Films

Deeper Connections: Meet Eventique Event Planning & Productions

Since our early days, Long Haul Films has created video content for events, but typically it was a short video or two. As 2021 kicked off and the pandemic limited in-person gatherings, we collaborated with our friends at Eventique Event Planning to produce video content for their client, cosmetics company bareMinerals.

Eventique created a 3D virtual villa for bareMinerals influencers + consumers to explore, featuring Clean Beauty Ambassador Hailey Bieber, makeup artist Denika Bedrossian, and bareMinerals Global Dermatology Ambassador Dr. Joyce Park.

With pandemic-related restrictions limiting travel, we took inspiration from the virtual Oprah & Obama interview, and filmed a conversation between Hailey and Dr. Park in two locations. It took movie magic and coordination between teams located in LA, San Francisco, and NYC to bring it all together, and create the seamless look of Hailey and Dr. Park sitting together in the (virtual) villa. 

Behind the scenes of our collaboration with Eventique

Eventique is at the forefront of establishing what the new world of events will look like as the industry recovers from the pandemic. We got the chance to chat with Eventique about what they do, and wanted to introduce them to you.

What is Eventique and what sets you apart? 
Eventique is not a conventional event company. We push our clients to stretch the borders and create new boundaries. We come from entertainment and production backgrounds where artistic and technical expertise join together in bringing events to life, whatever stage or screen they take place on. We ensure there is a story, a purpose, and a memory made by all guests from the second the event starts, to the second it ends. 

Where are you based and where do you work? 
We are based in New York City but we travel globally for our clients! Right up until March 2020 we were on the road about one week out of every month. From LA, Vegas, Miami, Barcelona + London… you name it we’ve produced something crazy there! 

What kind of projects do you work on? 
Pre pandemic, we used to produce a lot of multiday conferences all around the country. Conferences would include main session stage set design, cocktail parties or club buyouts for a party, team-building experiences, bringing in A list talent to speak, etc. We also produced a lot of brand activations. We work closely with a lot of beauty brands looking to host influencer events for product launches. 

How did the pandemic impact Eventique and what helped you to navigate it successfully? 
Before the pandemic, we always needed to live stream our conferences out to those who couldn’t make it. We also used to render out conferences and brand activations before we had final sign-off on them from our clients so they could see the end result. The combination of 3D renders and live streaming came very naturally. It wasn’t an easy road to get it going but we kicked the platform into high gear and here we are today! 

How will the world of events evolve in 2021 and beyond?  
We have anywhere from 50 person private parties to 900 person conferences to 3,000 person art activations booked between now and Dec 2021. Events are coming back VERY strong. The world is eager to get out, make memories, see people, have fun, and socialize. Although events are coming back in a major way, we are live streaming almost every corporate event for those that still don’t want to travel. The world got very used to having access to EVERYTHING from their couch. That comfort isn’t going anywhere.

Why do you love what you do? 
Eventique is a team of creators + storytellers. Everything we do has a storyline, a purpose and an end goal. Working with incredible teams, clients, vendors, partners, in order to make an idea come to life is a feeling like no other! 

bareMinerals 3D virtual villa event with Hailey Bieber, a collaboration between Eventique and Long Haul Films

You work with many clients, and creative partners like Long Haul Films. What is the secret of successful collaboration? 
Collaboration is easy when everyone is on the same page. Constant over-communication and problem solving as a full team is key! 

Where can people go to find out more about you? 
Check out our instagram @eventiqueaffair or our website eventique.com.