01 Aug 2019
corporate video production - iRestore laser therapy

Case Study: iRestore Pro commercial

iRestore is a laser hair therapy company based in Orange County, and just last month they launched their newest product, the iRestore Professional – a new, higher-end device that represents a step-up from their original laser helmet device. This shoot was all about the up-level. The client had produced…

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18 Jun 2019
Behind the scenes photo- Blue Suede

Creativity is our word of 2019 and nothing is more creative than making a music video. That’s why we decided to hold a competition this year and choose one artist to work with FOR FREE on a music video. We received some incredible submissions, and the decision wan’t easy….

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13 Jun 2019
On location Los Angeles

Sometimes the only way forward is to go back. I’ve been asking myself a lot about my influences, and how the art and culture of my youth shaped the stories I need to tell. I’m a 90s kid, and as I was coming of age, the art that blew…

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22 Apr 2019

The day we filmed Orchid Quartet’s music video Summertime felt like the first day of spring after an unusually cool and rainy Los Angeles winter. Two days before the shoot, the city was doused by an all-day storm. Yet, somehow, the day of our shoot broke clear and sunny….

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21 Feb 2019

Last year, South by Southwest identified the rise of short form documentary video content as a major trend. We love when a client says they’d like to commission a documentary, which is happening more frequently as brands become aware of the power of sharing their stories, rather than advertising…

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20 Feb 2019

Female Forward Filmmaking

Since the start of Long Haul Films, we’ve done something quite naturally that has evolved into a bigger practice that we call “female forward filmmaking”. It’s a focus on featuring strong and empowered women in front of the camera, and working with them behind the camera.  As with most…

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