Award-winning production company working with mission-driven brands, inspired creators, and agencies to create video content for the web, social media, and events.

Long Haul Films was founded by Director Melissa Dowler and Cinematographer Tom Dowler to make uplifting and authentic videos, about diverse and interesting people, that inspire audiences to think differently about the world.

Who: Melissa Dowler

What: Visionary Director, artist and empowerer of women

Where: Los Angeles via London via Boston

When: Asking hard-hitting interview questions since j-school, marketing since the turn of the century, filmmaking since 2010

Why: When I lost sight of who I was and what I wanted, filmmaking was how I found my purpose. I love exploring life’s deepest questions through the lens.

Who: Tom Dowler

fendi slippers replications for sale reddit second-hand marketplace is even particularly heated on the world wide business. come with new movement for men and ladies. What: Director of Photography and tea afficionado

Where: Los Angeles of late, the north of England historically

When: Dreaming of image-making since Return of the Jedi but getting serious since England’s take on “film school” in 2004

Why: Filmmaking is the best medium we’ve found yet for communicating the rich array of the human experience across socio-economic, racial and national divides. Film should get a Nobel peace prize.

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