Social Starter

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What Is Social Starter?

Small business owners need high-quality photos and videos for their social media platforms to stand out, get likes, and increase engagement with potential customers.

But hiring a professional video and photo crew just for yourself is a big investment.

That’s why we — award-winning filmmakers and branded content experts Long Haul Films and event and lifestyle photographer Evangeline Lane — are offering this special session, tailored for small business owners in Los Angeles.

We’re often approached by companies who really want amazing video content, but don’t yet have the budget for a full shoot. By bringing everyone together on the same day we can leverage economies of scale, as well as provide some extra mingling and networking opportunities for you at the beginning and end of your session.

Know some other folks who’d be interested? Make sure you tell us you sent them so we can unlock some special discounts and bonuses for you.

You get a 90-minute session combining video and photo shoots and come away with a fully edited video that tells the story of you and your brand, a selection of beautiful photos and some extra goodies to help your marketing efforts.

Here’s how it works:

You arrive at our Los Angeles location at your allotted time, hair and make-up ready, and with some samples of your product (if applicable).

First up it’s the interview, which will be conducted by documentary Director Melissa Dowler and shot by Cinematographer Tom Dowler. Here you’ll tell the story of your company, your brand’s mission, or describe what’s unique about your product or service.

Next, we’ll shoot some b-roll with you. This can be demonstrating how your product works, shots of your product in action – or, if you provide a service rather than a product – staged shots of you at work. This b-roll will be used, along with your interview, to tell the story of your brand in the final video.

Next, you’ll have a dedicated session with acclaimed photographer Evangeline Lane, who can focus on capturing lifestyle shots of you and your products.

After the shoot is completed, we’ll send you:

  • A fully edited 1-minute brand promotional video that you can share online, on social media and use at events. This includes all editing, light title design in line with your brand, a fully licensed music track and color grading.
  • 3 additional 15-second edits for Insta stories.
  • 20 high resolution stills for either for print or online use.
  • A downloadable guide to best practices for releasing your video into the world for maximum engagement.

What Is The Investment?


50% is payable when you book, by check or credit card, and the balance due on the day of the shoot.

What’s Included?

  • A 20-minute interview session
  • A 20-minute b-roll shoot
  • A 30-minute photo shoot
  • A fully edited 1-minute video
  • 3 additional 15-second videos
  • 20 high-resolution photos
  • A best practices guide to help you get the most from your video launch

Where And When?

The next Social Starter will be taking place at:


On Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Sign up for your 90-minute slot here:

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